Gaurav Verma

Currently at Adobe Research, India | Interested in Multimodal Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing


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I am currently with the Big Data Experience Lab, Adobe Research, in Bengaluru, India. I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Machine Learning from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. My research is focused around Multimodal Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Previously, while I was at IIT Kanpur, I worked with Prof. Tanaya Guha at Signal and Multimedia Processing Lab. Our work focused on learning modality-independent representations for affective analysis and retrieval of multimedia. For my publications, please see the Publications section.

Apart from research, I love to spend most of my time reading books. I also have some affinity for sports -- basketball and table tennis. I believe teaching helps me in learning more about myself. So when I could, I volunteered to teach at Air Force School, Pathankot and Prayas, IIT Kanpur. You can read more about me, and my explorations in the About section.

The quickest way to get in touch would be through email. I am also somewhat active on Twitter -- I post when I learn something worth sharing. I love the opportunities to interact with new people, specially when it involves exchange of ideas. More details are available in the Contact section.